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Potato Based Powders – Does this Really Work for Clotting Blood?

Potato Based Powders

Today, there are a variety of effective clotting powders available. There new studies being carried out to develop even more of these especially from natural products. It has been proved through studies that potato based powders might soon replace the bandages used as the first line of defense against minor scrapes and cuts.

Research shows that blood clotting powders that are potato-based can stop bleeding instantly and might also make surgeries safer simply by reducing transfusions and their associated risks.

Experts are of the belief that small, micro-elements serve in the form of minuscule sponges soaking up blood plasma and water at the bleeding source. Whether it is internal bleeding or a wound on the skin, potato-based blood clotting powders can work wonders in healing all these in the most perfect manner.

Studies on Hemostat

In studies about hemostat, researchers worked on how well this blood clotting agent can stop bleeding in people with small cuts or incisions on their arms. When this topical element was applied with pressure at the bleeding source, it immediately stopped bleeding in people.

However, the ones who did not use the powder bled for six minutes. There have been several varieties of hemostats developed over the years. But the way the potato-based hemostats work is simple unmatched. Because these are made using purified potato starch, they are less likely to cause any allergic reaction. Therefore, they are considered to be safer than the other animal-based products available in the market. It is also important to note that potato based powders are much less expensive in comparison to the other blood clotting agents available across the market.

Potato Based Powder

Potato Powder Clots Blood Instantly

Potato based powders might be especially useful on the battlefield by simply allowing the medical professionals to stop bleeding quickly without even the need of applying constant pressure. This would further help in giving medical professionals the extra time that they need for treating other emergency situations.

There are more studies being planned on the subject of testing the effectiveness of potato based blood clotting powders on patients undergoing surgeries of the kidney, heart and spleen. Blood clotting powders made of potato clot blood instantly and they can prove to be highly effective during surgeries for stopping life-threatening bleeding.

What Have Animal Studies Brought Forward?

Powder varieties made of purified potato starch work in the form of a sponge that soaks up plasma and water in blood and comes with concentrating coagulation features. Different studies conducted on this subject have proved the fact that potato based clotting powders help to stop bleeding in less than five minutes and that too without causing any side effects. They work instantly on pressure bringing about substantial reduction in bleeding conditions.

This basically means the difference between life and death for individuals with massive injuries like gunshot wounds or something that might occur in combat.

Animal studies have brought forward the fact that blood clotting powders made of potato starch could not only help in eliminating bleeding conditions caused due to massive wounds but would also help in keeping the injured alive until he or she gets transferred to a hospital for proper treatment.

The Main Uses of Potato-based Powders

There are different varieties of blood clotting products available throughout the market. However, majority of them are expensive and cumbersome at the same time. This is not the case with potato based powders that tend to be cheap and convenient to use.

There are several potato-based products that are still being tested and under evaluation by experts. Once they are completely tested and positive results are out for the users, there are governments thinking of equipping their soldiers with these products. This is only due to the fact that such powders can instantly stop severe bleeding on the battlefield which would serve to be highly advantageous for the country on the whole. Even the medical professionals, paramedics, rescue and fire squads, police officials and other emergency professionals can be equipped with potato based powders. This also goes for SWAT units, bomb squads and hospitals.

The Most Important Advantage of Using Potato-Based Powders

In hospital operating rooms, these powders could be of good help in controlling serious bleeding during liver and heart surgeries. There are various other procedures where these powders can be used for reducing the need of blood transfusions. It is being envisaged that the introduction of these powders would go a long way in completely diminishing the requirement of blood transfusions in the near future.

Yet another advantage of the potato-based blood clotting powders is that they do not cause any allergic reaction which is quite common with the other blood clotting agents available in the market. This benefit is available to the users mainly because the potato based powders disappear within a matter of few hours. They can degrade in less than thirty minutes though their remnants might be there in blood for nearly one whole day.

Potato Based Powder


The market is still working on the amalgamation of potato based powders. These are not available in a huge assortment at the online stores. The physical drug stores also do not deal in the supply of these powders as of now. There are very few sources that can be trusted for the supply of these products online.

If you are really bent on getting them it is necessary that you have a clear understanding of the most popular brands in this category. Make sure that the products that you are choosing are of the highest quality and are less expensive that the other non-potato-based products in the market.

Finding the right deal will work for you and only then will it be possible for you to reduce chances of blood loss now and in the future. There are expert suggestions and advice available online. You can trust them for getting your share of a top quality potato-based blood clotting powder. Make the right move and it will help you in reducing life-threatening instances.

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