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Blood Clotting Powder

Top Blood Clotting Powders for First Aid

Blood Clotting Powders 

clotting powders

Blood clotting powders  are haemostatic agents that help stop moderate and even severe bleeding.

These fine mineral materials will absorb and heat up water to form a hard clump in your wounds to stop bleeding in seconds.

Although they may have a few disadvantages like it might be difficult for the user to remove these material when trying to clean the wound,these blood clotting powders for first aid are still common today.

Most Popular Blood Clotting Powders

popular clotting powders

Have you ever used any clotting powder ? Well if you haven’t it would be good to know some of the best blood clotting powders for first aid that have gained huge popularity throughout the market for the results that they offer in stopping several bleeding conditions.

WoundSeal Powder

WoundSeal Powder for People on Blood Thinners

WoundSeal Powder for People on Blood Thinners

This powder is said to have been specifically developed for people on blood thinners. It helps in stopping bleeding conditions instantly and is proven to be highly effective and safe. 

WoundSeal Powder for People on Blood Thinners is known to be effective for people on blood thinners mainly because it does not depend on the normal clotting factors in the human blood.

The powder instantly turns into an instant seal or scab on the wound. The seal formed by this product is safe to be left in place until it falls off naturally and heals the wound.

With this product coming in handy, you now have the confidence that you will be able to control bleeding as and when required without facing any problems.

WoundSeal Large Wound Stop Bleeding Powder

wounseal powder

The WoundSeal Large Wound Rapid Response Stop Bleeding Powder was developed to reduce bleeding for punctures wounds and larger cuts.

Available in a single-use plastic squeeze bottle, this is one of the best emergency blood clotting powders for first aid that works by blending with blood and forming a protective scab or seal.

It is also useful on external wounds like cuts, avulsions and skin tears and even on wounds that might later need sutures.

The ingredients of this product are a non-toxic blend of potassium ferrate and hydrophilic polymer. It needs to be directly applied on a wound while exerting a little bit of pressure.

Features of the Product

It is probably one of the best blood clotting powders for first aid available in the market. Just like the woundseal powder for people on blood thinners, this product also does not depend  on the body’s natural clotting procedure for stopping instances of bleeding.

This means that it can easily also be used on individuals who tend to bleed very easily or the ones who are on antiplatelet drugs or anticoagulants.

It is a proven technology that is widely being used by pro sports teams, leading hospitals, EMS providers and by the US military as well. You would be surprised to note that it is also being widely used in a large number of occupational or work environments.

Clotit Blood Clotting Powder

ClotIt Multi-Action

This type of clotting powder has multiple modes of action. It slows down the levels of blood flow by constricting the local capillaries and vessels.

Also, fine granules in this powder help in creating an iconic attraction between the blood cells. This causes flocculation or clumping together of the blood cells. Rapidly blood plasma around the wound site are absorbed leaving behind blood cells and platelets which forms a solid clot.

clotit blood clotting powder

It is this multi-action work procedure of the product that helps in completing clots in a matter of seconds.

When You Should Use ClotIt

ClotIt is preferably used in severe and minor external wounds like:

  • Lacerations
  • Skin tears
  • Cuts
  • Grazes
  • Skin integrity problems
  • Sores
  • Dental procedures
  • Intravenous treatments
  • Injections
  • Blood draws
  • Femoral arteries
  • Nail trimming and tail docking
  • Cutaneous ulcer

ClotIt is an all-natural ingredient that offer 5 times faster clotting time in comparison to the powders available from the other leading brands in the market.

It is colorless and thus does not cause any kind of staining- a disadvantage exhibited by some blood clotting powders from the other brands. It is a versatile product that works on both severe and minor wounds.

Gold Medal Pets Stop Bleeding Styptic Powder

This is an effective, quick relief and safe blood clotting dry powder that dries up liquid and moisture. It is used by professional pet groomers on animals that have suffered clipper burns, nicks and small cuts.

styptic powder

Professional breeders use this powder to stop bleeding caused due to abrasions and cuts.

It is also effective on blood-feather bleeding in birds and on bleeding toenails. The tightly closed small double wall container of this product makes it effective and long-lasting at the same time.

However, if you are planning to use this yourself on your pet at home, it is important to note that there is virtually no way a veterinary item can be used for healing deep wounds, burns and body cavities.

The use of this blood clotting powders for first aid may or may not stop bleeding and in some circumstances it becomes important to consult a veterinarian.

How to Use Gold Medal Pets Stop Bleeding Powder?

  • Only a pinch of this styptic powder must be applied to the area that is bleeding.
  • Next, some amount of pressure needs to be applied until the bleeding stops.
  • The powder should not be wiped off or rinsed off.
  • It must be kept away from moisture and light.
  • Keep away from the eyes of pets and from children as it might cause irritation. The powder should not be taken orally or internally.
  • It should also not be inhaled directly.

Looking at the benefits that this product has on offer, it can rightly be said that it is one of the best blood clotting powders for aid in pet grooming currently available in the market.

Medique MP2332 QR Quick Relief Powder

Medique QR Quick Relief Powder is basically a powder bandage that helps in eliminating bleeding conditions immediately. The product can best be used on minor external bleeding procedures and wounds.

It offers immediate and effective relief to the injured making them get back to normal life quite easily and quickly. The use of this powder minimizes the
urgent trips that people generally make to the healthcare centers when they suffer from minor cuts and abrasions.

It also helps in keeping individuals productive for a very long time. Available in a single application pack for hard-to-reach wounds like nosebleeds and in two application packs for easy-to-reach lacerations and cuts.

Celox First Aid Traumatic Wound Treatment

Celox is one of the safest  and easiest to use blood clotting powders for first aid. In fact you can even say it is not a traditional clotting powder looking at its mode of action.

This clotting powder variety contains macroscopic granules or flakes of a highly purified natural organic material which swells and gels to form a soft gel like clot. One unique property of this powder is that no heat is generated when it comes into contact with the blood.

Since there are no inorganic powdery particles, the gelled Celox is easy to remove and any material left behind is naturally absorbed into the body and metabolised. This gives it an advantage.

It is quite effective in stopping serious bleeding in a matter of few seconds. The best thing about this blood clotting product is that it is not only safe and effective but it is fast on wounds and offers instant results.

Not to mention, the powder comes in a water-proof, sterile and easy-to-open packaging. It is ideal for livestock and horses too. It does not have any special storage requirements and can even be removed easily from a wound without causing further complications.

Celox -Proven to Be Highly Effective

Celox works in the form of an over-the-counter blood clotting agent that offers quick first aid assistance and is for almost all the different varieties of bleeding caused due to scrapes and cuts.

It is also effective on moderate to severe nosebleeds. It is so very effective that it has been proven to efficiently work even in people on anticoagulant medications.

The product is truly a welcome breakthrough for a large number of individuals who rely on blood thinners and the ones who tend to suffer from severe bleeding problems.

Different Formulae Available

Initially designed to help military medics, the product offers effective and fast first aid for women, men, older adults and children. It can easily be used by even those people who do not have any medical or first aid training.

This life-saving blood clotting powder comes in three suitable formulas and they are:

  • Celox First Aid Granular- You need to pour it directly on the wound and then apply some pressure to stop bleeding in 30 seconds. It does not burn or sting.
  • Celox Gauze Pads and Gauze Roll
  • Celox Nosebleed Dressing- It is basically a specially shaped and small Celox-bonded pad that can comfortably and easily be inserted into the nostril for quick nose bleeding relief.
How Celox Works

When the active ingredients in this product come into direct contact with blood and they quickly swell, gel and instantly stop bleeding.

These powerful and effective blood clotting ingredients work independently and in close coordination with the normal clotting procedures of the body. They gel with the blood that comes into direct contact with them and thus offer quick relief.

QuickClot Powder

The blood clotting powders for first aid here are also unique in their own way. Quikclot blood clotting powders help in eliminating bleeding conditions significantly fast.

They are safe for use on severe and minor bleeding. The powders from this brand ignite the natural clotting ability of the human body without producing any exothermic reaction.

With these powders coming in handy, there is absolutely no need for you to worry about allergies and other side effects. This is because the Quikclot blood clotting powders do not cause any side effects. They also do not contain human proteins, animal proteins, shellfish and  botanicals.

How to Use

The QuickClot blood clotting powder can be directly poured on the wound for stem bleeding. It works by absorbing water in the blood which automatically increases the already present clotting potentials in blood while activating the platelets at the same time. It promotes direct clotting by the activation of the coagulation flow in the human body.


There are other popular blood clotting powders for first aid widely available throughout the market. However, it is important for you to choose any of these products only after reading and researching about them carefully.

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