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Why ClotIt Is One of the Best Powder for Blood Clotting

Have you ever tried any powder for blood clotting ? What would you say about it, were you satisfied ? There are couple of clotting powders on the market. Of these lets examine Clotit powder.

ClotIt – How It Works

ClotIt is a multi-action, patent-pending compound of organic minerals. It is a non-staining powder for blood clotting specifically designed to quickly stop bleeding in severe and minor external wounds.

When it comes in direct contact with blood, the product accelerates the human body’s natural blood clotting ability while slowing down the flow of blood simultaneously by constricting the capillaries and the blood vessels. The fine granules in ClotIt create a certain attraction between the blood cells and it is this reaction that causes a clumping reaction of the cells.

This attraction also absorbs plasma at the site of the wound leaving behind blood cells and platelets thus enhancing clot formation. All in all, it can be said that ClotIt is the no doubt one of best powder for blood clotting because of the multi-action procedure that it uses for completing blood clotting in a matter of seconds.

Clotit Powder For Blood Clotting

The multi-action work procedure of this powder is something that works wonders when it comes to eliminating bleeding conditions. The powder for blood clotting works on both severe and minor bleeding. It is a colorless, non-staining and no sting formula that is filled with natural ingredients.

How to Use the Powder?

There are some general steps that you need to follow when it comes to using Clotit powder for blood clotting. The steps are as follows:

  • Shake the bottle properly prior to using it. This is important because the powder might settle down over time.
  • Squeeze the bottle for dispensing powder on the bleeding area directly.
  • Apply pressure on the bleeding area for ensuring that the powder comes in direct contact with the blood source.
  • Majority of the wounds will stop bleeding with the use of this powder in a matter of ten to thirty seconds. However, the larger wounds might take some time and the use of more powder. It is advised to use as much powder as essential for covering the bleeding area completely.
  • In case of nail clipping bleeds, apply the product generously on the affected nail. Exert some pressure by using a cloth or a gloved finger to ensuring that the powder for blood clotting comes in direct contact with the source of the bleeding. Once the bleeding has stopped, you can rinse off extra powder.

What are the Main Advantages of Using ClotIt?

YThe two most important all-natural blood clotting ingredients found in ClotIt include aluminum sulfate and mineral mullite. Some of the most significant advantages delivered by this powder for blood clotting are as follows:

  • Stops minor, moderate and severe bleeding even in challenging conditions and extreme circumstances.
  • The product can be used very easily. It has been specifically designed to be used by individuals who do not have any medical or first aid training.
  • Helps in reducing the loss of blood significantly.
  • Does not cause any kind of staining
  • It cannot be overused. There is no dosing or measuring needed for using this product.
  • It does not burn or sting clinicians and animals.
  • Safe and all-natural if used in small quantities.

The Science behind ClotIt

ClotIt uses Protege Biomedical’s Patented Ionic Hemostatic Mineral Technology involving the use of organic minerals to work with the natural clotting ability of the body and stops bleeding faster than all the other products available in the market at present.

One single-dose, sterile application of the ClotIt powder for blood clotting can bring good results for the users. The product has been tested and recommended by veterinarians to be used with bleeding tumors, hematoma, soft palate surgeries and dental procedures.

ClotIt should be used in several and moderate external wounds like grazes, cuts, lacerations, skin tears and other skin integrity problems.

Complete Clinical Approach

ClotIt powder for blood clotting is the one of the most effective, versatile and all-inclusive variety of hemostatic products that are used in veterinary clinics.There are three different segments covered by the products that come from ClotIt and they are in-clinic professional use products, internal surgical products and affordable and non-sterile take-home products.

The hemostatic, multi-action technology of the ClotIt powder for blood clotting works with the very own body of the user to accelerate natural clotting in different verities of wounds. This helps in establishing more stable and faster clots. This product can even be used in horses, cats and dogs. It forms clots in less than 16 seconds thus forming an obstacle on the wound.

The Brand

Powder for Blood Clotting

All the products that come from this brand help the users in being fully prepared for emergencies. The products also remind them about the importance of follow-up care. There are even first aid bleeding kits available from the brand. These kits feature all those products that might be useful when it comes to basic wound care treatment.

These include antiseptic pads, saline wash, tape, gauze and the highly popular ClotIt powder for blood clotting. The products from ClotIt offer completely peace of mind to the users as they get the ability of stopping life-threatening wounds while sitting in the comforts of their homes. The patented line of organic powder for blood clotting available from ClotIt have been developed to stop bleeding quickly and to keep it stopped for a long time.

Why ClotIt ?

It can easily be carried in a purse, backpack, briefcase, glove compartment, gym bag or tool box. Having this powder for blood clotting handy will instantly make your garage, workshop, home, boat or car, safer environments.

The product empowers its users to respond effectively in all kinds of bleeding situations. In case of bleeding emergencies, you can be ready with this product in your hand. It is so very effective that it helps in treating injuries that generally require professional care and attention. This way you will be proactive until you get medical attention from an expert.

When every second counts, ClotIt puts time on your side and this is why it will always worth your purchase.

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